Casino Odds

Whether you play casino games for fun or to gain expertise in them, your goal would be to win. If you want to make some good money by winning casino games, it is important that you know about the best odds casino games. By learning and understanding which casino games have the best odds and which have the worst, you would know which games to play at the casino and which to avoid. Before you learn about the different casino odds, here is a note on what odds actually mean.

What are odds?

Odds in gambling refer to the probability of an event occurring. Usually represented in decimal or fractional format, odds about a particular game will give you an idea about your chances of winning it. For example, the odds of getting a “heads” when you toss a coin are 1 in 2, which is expressed as 1:2 or 1 to 2. Odds can also be represented in percentages, where 1:2 is expressed as 50%. These odds are derived from the fact that there are two sides to a coin and the probability of any side occurring would be 1 out of 2.

Using the same formula, one can also derive the casino games odds. Here is a note on the casino odds for different games.

Best odds in casino

Different casino games provide different odds for your winning. Some games may have the best odds for your winning, while some may have the worst. It is knowing this difference that helps you gamble wisely.

Best casino game odds

Usually, skill games have higher odds of your winning, while chance games like roulette, slots, and keno have the worst. Poker and blackjack are skill games which can be mastered by practice. In fact, you can increase your odds of winning blackjack, and even turn the house edge into a player’s edge, if you master the art of card counting. Video poker, baccarat and craps, where the outcome can be controlled by strategic betting, also provide some of the best odds in casino.

Live keno that has a house edge of 25%, American roulette (double-wheel roulette) that has a house edge of 5.26%, and baccarat insurance bet or tie bet, with a 14.6% house edge, are some of the casino games with worst odds for winning. Although blackjack odds of winning are very high when you use the optimal blackjack betting strategy, you could lower your odds of winning, if you play it by hunch and not with strategy.

House edge

Besides the odds, the house edge of the games should also be considered to minimize your losses.

The payout ratio that the casino makes is dependent on the casino games odds and also the house edge, which determines how much money the casino approximately makes for every unit you wager. For example, blackjack and craps, which are based on skill as well as luck, have a house edge of less than 1%. So even if your odds of winning may not be very high, what you lose to the casino over a period of time is not very high either. But when you play American roulette, which is a game of chance and has a higher house edge of more than 5%, you would end up losing a bigger amount over the long run.

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