Craps Strategy

Craps is often perceived as a particularly intimidating game to play in a casino especially if you are not entirely sure of how to play, are still learning or have yet to gain the confidence to get involved in the table side excitement. Thanks to the constant growth and evolution of the online and mobile market, newcomers to the game can swiftly and conveniently enter their virtual casino in order to practice and learn the skills and basic knowledge required to play the game.

The betting options in craps are a little more complex than that of blackjack or roulette but the basics are still there. However, once you get playing and you learn the rules and the types of bets that you can place it’s something you will pick up in no time at all. In a land-based casino all the players stand around the table and take turns to shoot the dice each betting on the outcome of the result of the roll where the total on the two dice matter.

Find your Winning Strategy

Once you’ve mastered the basics or even reached a stage when you’re comfortable playing either at a casino-based venue or online, you may wish to begin thinking about introducing a popular craps strategy. There are various strategies available that can help you better the odds against the house to some extent and others that simply give you the opportunity to make the experience a little more varied and fun for all involved.

So what types of systems and strategies are available for the game of craps? There are numerous specific craps strategies that you may want to try out and see if they work for you. Each focuses mainly on the betting aspect of the game and is structured to chiefly help you improve your odds of winning.

The Regression Strategy

The main concept behind regression based systems is the idea of lessening your previous bet each time you win. This is a great way to help retain your winnings. Indeed, you should first and foremost learn how to keep your profits from going straight back on the table, which can often be the downfall of many players who get caught up in the excitement of the game. How does this strategy work? If for example you decide to make a place bet of $20 on two different numbers and you win on one of them before the shooter “sevens out” you would then decrease your second bet to $10. Of course this regression strategy relies heavily, like most of the strategies here, on the ability to pick up a run of successful wins.

The Martingale Strategy

Those who are familiar with the popular game of roulette may be aware of this strategy. The Martingale strategy is also something that can be easily adapted to the game of craps. It works very much in almost the complete opposite way to that of the aforementioned regression strategy. It involves the player increasing his or her bet following a loss in order to help recoup the previous loss. If they win, then they simply place the same value bet once more. Whilst picking up a few sequential wins can be fantastic, this system does come with its own risks, so caution should be taken! When a player loses a few rolls again and again, the betting amount is doubled and therefore you could start burning through your bankroll in a very short period of time. It is imperative for a player to keep a fixed limit on what they are willing to spend; else it could very quickly get out of hand.

Anything But Seven

This method requires the player to win any rolled number apart from a seven. Before a player places his or her bet, they must wait for the point to first be established. Once this has been set, the player can place a two unit bet of $6 across the 5, 6, and the 8. An additional $3 bet is also placed on the Field. Once more, of course, the outcome and success of the strategy relies on the fall of the dice. However, if the shooter is able to keep things going for 3 rolls the player can earn anything between $15 and $27 in winnings and if a 2 or a 12 roll in then this will become even more. Once the 3 rolls have been played it is common for the player to remove all of his or her wagers.

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