Best Payout Ratio

One of the most important aspects that should be considered when choosing a casino is its payout rate, also known as payout percentage. The payout percentage is the proportion of the amount that the casino pays out to its players, from the total amount of wagers it collects. Usually, all online casinos keep their players informed about the payout percentages by specifying the information on their websites. Also, many reputed casinos share game specific payouts and the audit information of their payouts through their websites.

What is payout rate?

The percentage of amount which a casino pays out for every $1 wagered by the players is called the payout percentage or rate. For example, if the payout percentage specified by the casino is 98%, then for every $100 it collects as wagers, it gives away only $98. This is for the simple reason that casinos function to make profits, and the payouts are usually made after considering their profit margins. This payout ratio differs from one casino to another and from one casino game to another, and choosing a casino with the best payout rates is important if you want to make some profit.

Evaluating casino reliability and payout ratio

Before choosing a particular casino for the payout rates it promises, you should make sure that it is reliable. To build their creditworthiness and gain their players’ faith, a number of online casinos get their payout rates verified and validated by reputed independent testing agencies like eCogra, TST, Online Players Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These organizations also conduct independent and repeated tests of the casino’s RNG software, which is used for several games like roulette, craps and slots.

To be sure that you would get the promised payouts on the casino games, you should always check if the RNG and the payout ratio have been validated.

Best payout rates offered by casinos

It may not be possible to come up with an exact number for the best payout ratio that casinos offer. But the higher the payout percentages are, the better it is for you. Ideally, casino payouts of more than 96% are considered good and those above 98% are definitely more favorable. The best way to determine if a casino’s payouts are good or not is to analyze its payout rates for a period of 6 months, during which it would be audited more than once by the testing agencies.

Casinos usually increase their payout ratio to attract more players to their site. Some of the best casino payouts in the industry are offered by William Hill Casino (99.72%), Euro Grand casino (99.7%) and Rushmore Casino (98.63%). Besides the aggregate payout rates, you should also look for game specific payouts, if you are interested in a specific online casino game. The average percentage offered by online casinos is 97.48% for roulette payouts, 98.46% for video poker, 98.56% for blackjack payout, 97.15% for Caribbean stud poker, and 96.06% for slots games.

At times, casinos may boast payout rates of more than 100%, usually for their slots machines games. While this may be possible, it is best to go with the casino only after verifying their credibility.

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