French Roulette Odds

Roulette comes to us from the French language. Meaning “little wheel,” the name roulette refers to the gaming wheel itself. There are many version of roulette, from the common American and European versions to the lesser-known French roulette game. Let’s take a look at French roulette odds and proper roulette strategy based on the differences unique to the French roulette game.

French roulette is really nothing more than a fancy or alternate name for European roulette. In French roulette, the gaming wheel has only a single zero. In American roulette, there are two zero symbols on the board, a single-zero symbol and a double-zero symbol.

This single difference has a huge impact on French roulette odds and roulette strategy. Since there are 37 slots on a French-style roulette gaming wheel (36 whole numbers and the one single-zero symbol) compared to 38 total slots on an American roulette wheel, a player’s odds on a French roulette wheel are much better.

How much difference can one betting slot make on the game’s outcome? A single zero roulette wheel offers 36 to 1 odds of any given number appearing on the wheel. The American roulette wheel odds are 37 to 1. Since roulette pays out 35 to 1 for a single-number bet, the house edge on American roulette is 5.26%. If you bet $100 on American roulette, you’ll lose an average of $5.26 over time. The house edge on French style roulette is only 2.7%, so you’ll only lose $2.70 on average per your $100 bet.

The removal or addition of a single slot on a roulette wheel makes a huge difference in the outcome of your bets over time on roulette. The only way to use this fact to affect your roulette strategy is to simply avoid playing on an American-style wheel altogether if you can avoid it. With an expected loss difference of nearly $2.50 with the addition of a single symbol to the roulette wheel, it just doesn’t make sense to place bets on the less lucrative gaming wheel. A smart roulette player will always pick a French or European-style roulette wheel rather than waste time on a greedy American roulette wheel.

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