Slot Machine Odds

Slots are perhaps the most common and simplest of all games in an online or a land based casino. Anybody, with a decent bankroll, can play slots without having to worry about learning any skills or strategies. While playing slot machines games is very easy, calculating slot machine odds is not. The odds of your winning a game of slots could differ for slot machines games, as the mechanism used in each is different. Slot machine odds are usually represented by their payout ratio or percentage, which is why, the higher the payout percentages, the better it is.

How slot machines games work

Slot machine odds are based on how the virtual reel in the machine is set up. The modern slot machine consists of several microprocessors that generate random numbers continuously. A number is assigned to each image in the slot machine and the outcome, when you press the “play” button, is determined by the latest random number generated by the machine. The same principle applies when you play online slot machines. Every reel in the online slot machines is assigned a number. And when you click on the “spin” button, the outcome is produced by a random number generator (RNG).

The odds of you winning a jackpot is 1 in 64 for a single virtual reel, and in a standard 3 to 5 reel slot machine, it can go as low as 1 in 262,144.

Slot payouts

The slot machine odds are dependent on how a particular casino’s RNG is programmed, which can be different from one casino to another. The best way to play and win at slots is to choose a casino which offers the highest payout ratio for slots.

Usually, the average slot payouts can be anywhere between 92% and 99%, depending on the amount you wager. The average payout is 92.5% for $0.05, 94.1% for $.25, 95.9% for $1 and 98.4% for $5. The higher your bet amount, the higher the payout usually is. While you can play more with smaller bets, your slot machine odds are higher at a $5 slot, with 98.4% payout, than at a $0.05 slot with just 92.5%

Your chances of winning more are better when you play online slot machines, as most of the casinos offer payouts between 96% and 98%, or even a little more, in an attempt to attract slot players from land-based casinos.

Tips to play and win at slots

Before you play online slot machines, here are a few points you should remember.

  • All the trials on a slot machine are independent of each other. Online slot machines are based on RNG software, which means that the probability of your hitting the jackpot on a machine is the same on every try.
  • Just because the machine has not had a jackpot in a long time, doesn’t mean it is due for one soon. So the chances of you hitting the jackpot remain the same, whether or not you have won the jackpot in the earlier trials.
  • Use your bankroll wisely, choose machines with smaller wager requirements to play more and have more fun, this can increase your chances of winning more.

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