Multi Line Slots Odds

Slot machine games with multiple paylines are usually referred to as “multi line slots.” Slot machine games with multiple paylines offers slot players more chances to win, often in strange combinations above and beyond the traditional “symbols in a row” setup. It is common for multi-line slots to allow winnings diagonally, up and down, and in a number of other less obvious combinations.

Slot machine odds are always difficult to work out, thanks to little differences between each title. It is often much easier for a slot player to look up a given slot machine’s expected payback. This number is published in various sources, from slot games trade magazines to placards in a slot gaming bank. This payback percentage gives you the amount of money a given slot machine games are designed to pay back over time, but not necessarily what amount it will actually pay back.

Slot machine odds are not as easy to find as payback percentages, but they are somewhat easy to figure out if you know a little math, have some Internet research knowhow, or don’t mind digging a little to find some combination of the two.

Here’s a quick look at multi line slot machine odds:

Because of the nature of the slot games universe, it is possible for us to know which specific casinos in which casino gaming venues offer the best payback percentages. This information is updated regularly in trade magazines and other publications. As of this writing, for example, the Palms Casino in Las Vegas has the highest average payback percentage. All slot machine games at the Palms taken together as one offer just less than 95% payback. Compare that to the 91% payback average offered at off-Strip casinos and you can see that playing certain slot games can be more profitable than others.

But odds are different from payback percentages. The mathematics behind slot machine odds are very complex, especially multi line slot games with multiple ways to win, sometimes simultaneously. Just know that the odds of winning on multi line slots are usually only just a little bit better than on more traditional slot machine games, thanks to higher coin sizes, larger bet maximums, and other standard slot games features.

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