Aces and Faces Video Poker Odds

Aces and Faces Video Poker is one of the most popular video poker titles in existence. It is common to see people crowded around the section of the video poker and slot gaming floor that contains Aces and Faces. People who play video poker know that games like Aces and Faces offer the best chance for big winnings.

Here’s a quick look at the odds involved in the standard game of Aces and Faces Video Poker.

Unlike some video poker games, a draw is made during a round of Aces and Faces, giving us two basic sets of odds to work with. First there are the odds of being dealt a certain hand cold and the odds of turning a regular hand into a better hand.

Look at this list of the hands in Aces and Faces and the odds of being dealt those hands cold without any improvement.

  • Royal flush – 1/ 649,740
  • Straight flush – 1/ 64,973
  • Any four of a kind – 1/ 4,164
  • Full house – 1/ 693
  • Flush – 1/ 508
  • Straight – 1/ 254
  • Three of a kind – 1/ 46
  • Two pair – 1/ 20
  • Jacks or better pair – 1/ 6.7

Since these odds are for unimproved hands, you should actually be happy about the odds of being cold dealt a Flush every 508 hands. Good video poker players know not to turn a good (but small) hand that they are dealt into bait for a larger hand, so understanding the odds of working up to a better hand is also important.

Smart people tell us that the odds of converting a Flush from a weaker hand are about one in 4.22 hands, not bad if you know proper video poker strategy.

When playing Aces and Faces, your goal is to trade the nothing in your hand for something better, even if it is a smaller payout than you’d like. Stick with the game, because every deal puts you closer to a lucrative cold draw. Finally, when you get a spot at an Aces and Faces machine, stick with it. Long lines have been known to form.

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