All American Video Poker Odds

All American Video Poker is a popular video poker title that is really just a variation of Jacks or Better Video Poker. This extremely popular video poker title has been known to cause lines to form on casino gaming floors. People who play video poker tend to focus on only those machines that offer the best odds. Let’s take a look at All American Video Poker Odds.

The most obvious reason for All American Video Poker’s popularity is the advantageous paytable. All American offers equal (and pretty big) payout ratio for any Straight, Flush, and Full House you hold. All American also offers larger payouts than normal for hands like Four of a Kind and Straight Flush. How does All American get away with such large payments? The paytable gets balanced by paying back even money for the hand known as Two Pair.

People with far bigger brains than us have worked out the odds of drawing the most lucrative hands on All American Video Poker. For example, players of All American Video Poker can expect to work their way to a Flush 1.57% of the time, or about once every 64 plays. Even though the hand most All American players are going for is a Straight Flush (this hand pays 1000 credits versus 250 on other popular video poker machines) so it can be a little more common to turn that hoped-for Straight Flush into a standard Flush, so that statistic is a little off.

In reality, then, standard Flushes make up about 13% of the winnings from a game of All American Video Poker. The key is to learn how to play towards those lucrative hands based on proper video poker strategy.

Believe it or not, you can increase your All American Video Poker odds with just one little change to your strategy. Learn to keep a running count of your hands in three categories: think of groups of hands made up of ‘low’ cards (cards 2-10), groups of hands with ‘high’ cards (J-A), and groups of mixed hands that have a combo of both high and low cards. There are certain hands that you should play for based on the category of hand you hold. Low hands are best for pair payouts while high hands and mixed hands are great for flushes and straights.

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